Close Enough

How far apart do you walk-between a “Pop” and his

When walking side by side, Man and man?


Close enough to hear his voice – Raspy and low-

Each word with weight, Soothing the soul.


Close enough to watch his walk- Knees bent and back curved,

Treading familiar ground. Those feet, how they’ve served!


Close enough for him to listen, Loving to hear you talk

Loving to spend each moment-Each step precious as you


Close enough to be there for you, But far enough not to

Close enough to offer help, But far enough to make him


Close enough that you will know- You are never alone.

Far enough to be there waiting when your journey leads
you home.


How far apart do you walk-Between a “Pop” and his

Always close enough to you, That I could reach your hand.


-Susan Patton, 2010