Imagine a time before cell phones, seat belts, cd players, and microwaves. Now go to a place where the wind is always stirring and hard work is always happening. Think about old tools, barn cats, grafted trees, and remnants of corn husks and soy beans on the ground and you’ll get close to seeing and feeling what I do when I go to the barn.

I have begun a series I am calling, “Memories from my Childhood.” I plan to go to various places that stir these feelings in my mind and document them in paint and in word on this blog.

This first painting, “The Old Grain Bin”, is a painting of one of the 2 grain bins on the hill at the barn. I remember my uncle on the roof of it when it was full of harvested corn. It is now a storage bin of sorts, but still proudly holds its place on this sacred hill.