acorn soup

I am excited to announce that my recent painting, “Acorn Soup”, was juried into the 2nd Annual American Impressionist Society-  Impressions Small Works Showcase. This show will be held March 23 through April 21, 2018, in the Greenwich House Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. The opening reception is Friday, March 23 from 5-9 PM with AIS Master Kenn Backhaus as the judge of awards.

This painting, “Acorn Soup”, was begun as a demo in my recent 3 day workshop at “Dorroh Lake” campgrounds during the beautiful, cool, fall time of the year, and has a story behind the unusual name.

I brought this copper pot to the workshop to demo a still life, but I did not have a full plan for what the set up would be. As I began to set it up, I decided to walk out onto the grounds of the campsite where we were retreating for the workshop. I headed out across the grassy area out to the edge of the tree line where an old, beautiful oak tree stood with varied colors of large leaves displaying their colors. I broke off various limbs, and in the process noticed large, beautiful acorns scattered on the ground, so I grabbed a few of those, too. As I walked back inside, a flashback of my childhood came to mind. When I was about 5 years old, I had a “playhouse” to “cook” in. Mom would give me her old pie pans and scratched spoons, and I would pick “herbs” (grass), and get flour (sand) and sometimes add flavoring (bubble gum), to make “Bubblegum Soup.” So naturally, as I set up my still life, I decided to name it, “Acorn Soup,” as a nod to the simple, wonderful, days where anything is possible.