*These workshops have a few openings each as of July 18.

Cost is $325 per workshop. Price includes onsite lodging in private rooms, workshop, and several meals.

Artists can sign up or one workshop or take both workshops for a week long retreat of learning and fun!

The first is on Monday-Wednesday, November 5-7, 2018. The topic is “Composition, Perspective, and Strong Design.”  This workshop is for artists who want to take their paintings to a new, professional level with great design and correct drawing skills. A lack of knowledge in these areas often is the reason a painting does not hold together and therefore does not sell or win in contests. Those who excel in these areas are more likely to excel in the profession of art. I encourage students to attack these important topics head on and master them.

The second workshop, held on Thursday- Saturday, November 8-10, 2018, is “Understanding and Using Color.” Topics covered will include what colors I use on my palette and why, when to consider transparency vs. opaque paint, the importance of knowing how to manage warm vs cool colors, how to choose colors for a limited palette, and mixing color for various uses including mixing flesh tones and nature’s “greens.”  I will give students exercises based on these topics, and students will work from photo references they bring to apply what they have learned.

To sign up, email susanpattonart@gmail.com

and mail me the deposit (50%.)