I was honored to have very great artists in my “Painting People from Photo” workshop last week. It started on Valentine’s Day, and each found a box of chocolates waiting for them to let them know how grateful I was to share the day with them. The first day I presented a slide show of various ways I begin painting from photo, including step by step images of some of the latest portraits I have done. Then I began a demonstration of a painting and gave them the afternoon to begin their own. The next day was all about color. I demonstrated a way of mixing color that I found helpful to me. After this, I started a new painting based on a more direct method of painting color. Then they proceeded in their own paintings by adding color. The third day the students continued working in their paintings with me rotating around to help.

I was blown away at the talent in the room, and the camaraderie could not be better. It was truly an awesome time if seeing old friends and making new ones while doing what we all had fallen in love with- painting people.