. The Prix De West show was amazing, and the Cowboy Museum was as well. I saw so many great paintings by the artists in the Prix De West show, but it was this one by Everett Raymond Kinstler in the Cowboy Museum that brought tears to my eyes. Mr. Kinstler’s work is legendary, and I feel blessed to have met him and be in the lineage of his students. I am saddened by the recent loss of this man who was so gifted. I always felt a connection to him and am awed at his work. This was a painting by Tom Browning from a past Prix De West show in the permanent collection of the museum. This T. Allen Lawson’s piece from a past Prix De West show was also in the museum’s permanent collection. Along with seeing the show, we traveled into Oklahoma City and saw several sights. The memorial sight where so many lost their lives in the Murrah Federal building bombing in 1995 was very moving and surreal. My entire family was able to take this sight in and feel the tragedy of that day. Oklahoma City has so many different sights to see and was a great place to visit. Happy Father’s Day, Jeff! Hope you enjoyed your dinner by the water. A movie for Dad. Guess which one it was? 😎And just when I thought this 2 day trip could not be any better, it ended with a rainbow. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of my family, this trip, and your love for us!